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Yusei Fudo is the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! He is known and respected by many other characters in the show for his genius style of Dueling, his considerable skill, and his cool and clever personality. He uses a Duel Runner , which is called the Yusei Go.

In the English dub, “Let’s rev it up! Yusei has tan skin, an average looking physique, black hair with gold highlights, and royal blue eyes. The upper layer of his hair juts upward while the lower layer arches down. According to Kazuki Takahashi ; Yusei’s hairstyle was based on Takahashi’s own bedhead, and completes a “rock, paper, scissors” theme shared with Yugi Muto and Jaden Yuki. His lower body consists of black jeans with amber knee pads, a belt with two Deck holsters hidden under his jacket one for his standard Deck and one for his Turbo Duel Deck , and calf-high motorcycle boots.

After episode 5 , he acquires a jagged criminal mark on the left side of his face, which was later covered in episode and episode , presumably by makeup. His Mark of the Dragon was a red outline of the tail, which was permanently burned onto his right forearm after the events concluding the Fortune Cup story arc. It is later replaced by the dragon head mark upon his defeat of Rex Goodwin , with Crow Hogan receiving his former mark.

During his time in Crash Town , Yusei replaced his Duel Disk with the Duel Disk revolvers used in the town, and he wore a brown poncho over his normal clothes with his Mark of the Dragon designed on it.

He wears the poncho in the manga at the start of the D1 Grand Prix. However this poncho is white, lacks the Mark of the Dragon design, and is dirtier. The new outfit consists of the same blue jacket with amber gems, but the flared bottom is replaced by a black strap with an orange outline.

He wears blue jeans with amber gems at the knees and knee-high boots. Yusei has an very noble and heroic personality.

He is a selfless, protective, brotherly, kind-hearted and overall mostly serious person, who deeply values the safety of humanity and his friends. Because of this, he is seen by most other characters in the show as a dependable person they can always trust. Yusei is also usually depicted as being serious, calm and clear-minded ; even in the worst situations. Due to this he rarely acts on impulse and usually thinks things through before he plays any cards, always trying to stay one step ahead of his opponent.

This is made obvious during his Duels, as he regularly visualizes card flowcharts in his mind in order to devise his strategies.

He is also very selfless, and is hesitant to put the safety of his friends, or anyone else at risk. Having grown up as an orphan in the harsh conditions of Satellite, Yusei has a tendency to keep a serious and somewhat stoic expression most of the time, and is rarely ever seen laughing, though he does give short smiles frequently. In very few occasions Yusei can lose his composure and act out of anger, most notably after Roman used Rally as a scapegoat and Martha was consumed by his Earthbound Immortal.

Yusei sees friends as the most valuable thing a person can have; he believes no one should ever have to be alone, and tries to convince others who reject friendship that it is something to be embraced. Yusei is sometimes contradicting to his view on “fate”.

Just before Yusei Dueled Halldor , he stated he didn’t care about fate, [9] but during his Duel with Halldor, he says if Halldor felt he was fated to face Iliaster , the same applies to him. Yusei gets annoyed at those who reject cards by calling them trash or say that cards are useless, so much so that he doesn’t consider them deserving of calling themselves Duelists [11] or even consider them a Duelist.

It is also revealed later on in the Dark Signers arc that Yusei felt guilty about the Zero Reverse incident and blamed himself for it as well as all the disastrous consequences that it caused the following years. He also wonders why no one hates him for any of that. Having heard this Crow assured him Yusei didn’t need to take responsibility for it, but he and Roman Goodwin commented this being “the darkness in Yusei’s heart”.

While no longer blaming himself for the Zero Reverse, his guilt wasn’t completely gone; the idea of a second Zero Reverse or any similar dangers for the city horrifies him, something some of his opponents such as Primo were able to exploit to break his Clear Mind. Yusei occasionally has nightmares about the Zero Reverse after which he goes to reflect about it, something Jack and Crow find predictable. He believes that Synchro Monsters are not the bringer of destruction despite the evidence to the contrary [16] He also cares very much for New Domino City ‘s safety, [10] and has even said he will never allow a tragedy like Zero Reverse to ever happen again in the city, even if it means his life.

Antinomy has said that Yusei being unable to leave out his feelings towards a former friend are both his greatest strength and weakness. In the dub, Yusei has had a fear of insects ever since a cockroach nested in his ear, as said by Nervin.

He was however able to conquer this fear after his Duel against Lenny , though he seemed to show discomfort in his first Duel against Roman Goodwin , where he asked if it “was too much to ask to Summon a monster with only two legs”. Yusei is shown to be highly technical when it comes to computers and machines, able to build and program seemingly anything as he was to build his own Duel Runner from scrap parts, twice, and how he jammed the criminal mark on Rally Dawson. Along with the ability to construct one, he is also shown to be an expert at riding a Duel Runner, evidenced numerous times throughout his Duels.

He is a skilled fighter, as evident from how effortlessly he knocked out two of Goodwin’s security guards. He appears to have expertise in physics considering the fact that at one point Akiza came to request his assistance on the subject and later takes over his parents’ job as head of overseeing the completion of the Ener-D. As Team 5D’s team captain, Yusei showed to be a very capable strategist and tactician, able to see through his opponent’s plans and devising plans for his own team.

He is also an adept teacher as shown when he was helping Akiza get her Turbo Dueling License. Unlike other Clear Mind states, Yusei flew at very fast speed in the air rather than the ground. When performing this, Yusei and his Duel Runner turned gold in color. Yusei’s Signer mark gives him powers that no ordinary man has, like the ability to locate other Signers or protecting himself and others from harm or other supernatural effects. In Yu-Gi-Oh! Yusei’s last name, Fudo, means “steadfast” and “unmovable”.

His first name means “planet” or “planetary” from the planetary gears that operated Ener-D ; he connects all of the other gears, which represent his friends. Yusei was born in the Tops area of New Domino City. His parents were lead developers for the Ener-D Reactor. As Roman Goodwin was about to cause Zero Reverse was about to take place, Yusei’s father placed Yusei in an escape pod to save him from the explosion, while Yusei’s parents died. Yusei’s escape pod landed in the newly created Satellite area, sometime later he was taken to Martha orphanage where he grew up with and befriended Jack Atlas , and Crow Hogan.

Growing up, Yusei became interested in auto mechanics. As residents of Satellite, they were made to do labor for the residents of New Domino City and denied many luxuries which were enjoyed by the residents of New Domino. Being forced to survive on what he could, Yusei developed expert Dueling skills. Believing they could never leave Satellite , the team tried to make the most of their lives there. They began taking over various regions, by defeating other teams and destroying their Duel Disks with Deathmatch Duel Ropes.

While facing another Duel Gang , one of the members tries to kill Yusei, by throwing him off the roof. Kalin catches Yusei with his own Duel Rope, stopping him from falling. As Kalin’s platform begins to give way, Yusei tells Kalin to leave him and save himself.

Kalin refuses to abandon his friend and pulls Yusei up. With that gang defeated, the Enforcers have captured all the zones in Satellite. They finally dominated the whole of Satellite. Sometime later, Kalin forces a kid into a Duel and assaults him after winning. The rest of the gang realize Kalin is becoming cruel and is letting the power get to his head. Crow and Jack leave the gang, but Yusei stays by Kalin’s side. Sector Security later arrive in Satellite, armed with Duel Runners.

Kalin decides to go up against Sector Security. Yusei leaves the team, hoping that Kalin won’t decide to go through with the fight when he’s alone. Kalin still proceeds with the fight, and the rest of the gang return to help Kalin when he is on the run.

The team faced Security, in what Kalin believed to be the Enforcer’s last Duel. Yusei gets in a fight with Kalin when Kalin murders a Security Officer. Crow and Jack restrained Kalin in a room, while Yusei tried to surrender himself to Security claiming he was the leader, in the hopes that Kalin and the rest won’t get arrested.

Before he could do this, the Security officers already found and arrested Kalin. As Kalin is dragged into a Security wagon, the officer pats Yusei on the shoulder, sarcastically thanking him for assisting in the arrest. Kalin sees this and believes Yusei sold him out, but is taken away before Yusei can explain himself. During this time which, he develops impressive skills in hand-to-hand combat, engineering, computers, motorcycle riding.

Yusei Duels and loses to Jack. Jack tells him that he cannot win a Duel with Monsters , Spell or Trap Cards alone, only with them joined up. Jack points to his heart, saying that all he needed to amass a victory is right here. At the time, Yusei did not understand what he meant. He fell out with Jack after a difference in goals, as Jack wanted power and to lead people.

With his friends’ help, Yusei was able to make his own Duel Runner. Yusei had planned to ride this Duel Runner along with “Stardust Dragon” through Satellite in order to give the citizens hope.

In the process, he runs into Trudge , a Sector Security officer, who wants to arrest Rally for stealing an acceleration chip. Trudge agrees to Duel Yusei under the condition that if Yusei won, Trudge would forget the events of that day; if Trudge won, Yusei would give himself up to Trudge. After accepting the challenge and losing, Trudge swears to crush Yusei, but lets him go.

While the only pipeline connecting Satellite to New Domino City , which is a chute for waste, was closed for maintenance, Yusei took advantage of this to escape to New Domino. On the way, he gets chased by Trudge, who forces him into a Turbo Duel. Yusei wins one second before the hatch to New Domino started closing. Avoiding the trash flooding through the pipeline, Yusei slipped through the maintenance hatch right before it closed, leaving Trudge stuck in the pipeline now full of trash.

Yusei manages to find Jack. Jack tosses “Stardust Dragon” back to him, telling Yusei he can have it. Yusei refuses and tosses it back to Jack, saying that he would rather Duel him for it to prove he can get it on his own. Jack agrees, but their Turbo Duel is interrupted by the appearance of the Crimson Dragon right before the winner is determined, later revealed to have been Yusei.

The Dragon causes Jack’s already permanent birthmark Mark of the Dragon to glow and burn as well as revealing Yusei’s mark, the Dragon’s Tail. Yusei is arrested shortly after for trespassing into New Domino while Jack leaves safely.



Yu gi oh yusei the signer 2013 mod pc download free


A trading card game that would take the world by storm. The game would spawn an anime series, countless tournaments and events, assassins creed 3 save game pc download a multitude of fans and посетить страницу, a series of gaming titles bearing the licence would emerge.

This game, seeing as it is set with its roots so prominently into the series, plays exactly how you would expect. Приведенная ссылка, if you want to be pedantic about it, you can say it plays like other card games like Gwent, Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering. This title yu gi oh yusei the signer 2013 mod pc download free in an era where you can play Duel links, a game for mobile that plays as competently as any fully licensed game in the series.

Plus following very well formed titles such as Yu-Gi-Oh! True Duel Monsters: Sealed Memories to name a адрес. So its staggering to see just how little this title has to offer. Akin to the likes of free cell or solitaire, this title allows for a somewhat component way to play the card game against the AI.

However what is shocking considering the games that have come before, is that this is all there is, there is no campaign, no multiplayer a seemingly no semblance of a development team that care about the franchise.

The game does have some sort of motivation to proceed despite its lack of features. Though again, this lacks any level of nuance or flair. The simple premise is you get given a random deck to duel with and as you win games, you get more cards and battle harder opponents.

In the most loose sense of the word we suppose it is technically a game. Though, it is one that lacks any soul and presents a real lack of respect for the series. To the games credit though, читать полностью does offer a high-resolution UI. Allowing for slick and fast gameplay. Plus, the developers at least thought it a good idea to include a tutorial mode which allows newcomers to come to terms with the battle system and find some level of enjoyment from this hollow title.

What this game does it does reasonably yu gi oh yusei the signer 2013 mod pc download free. The presentation is good, the gameplay is quick and snappy. The progression, well, it exists. Though other than this there is so little to praise больше на странице even condemn and this acts as its own condemnation.

The fact that this game has been undone by titles on the PS1 or the Game Boy Advance titles speaks volumes. This seems like what Activision did with the Tony Hawks licence. They were losing the rights and threw out a broken game with the name on it to sell copies. Though Konami have held the rights to this franchise for the longest time and produce so many great mario brothers free for pc too. So it seems alien for them to produce such a flop with no flair or personality.

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