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Send comment. Most of your problems happen because you don’t run as administrator!!!! Tim 1 point. Behind everything there are evil forces who want to use Yugi’s abilities for their evil intentions. Then your install folder will have a new directory called “Version2” where you can use that 2.

Download Yu-Gi-Oh!: Power of Chaos – Yugi the Destiny | replace.me


On the other hand, Yu Gi tends to show up way, way too frequently in my opinion, and he will usually shows his face after every move that you make which tends to get a little annoying after a while. The sound in Yu-Gi-Oh was not anything to write home about by any means, and if you don’t get tired of the same music tracks playing over and over and over again, you will almost surely get drained hearing Yu Gi not only pop up after every move you or he makes, but he also feels it necessary to provide some kind of comment each time he shows up.

He also tends to repeat these comments over and over again as well, so be prepared to be taunted or told what a great attack you just made repeatedly until your ears bleed. Overall, I’m not trying to be too overly critical of the game because for everything I’ve seen, it’s designed to be geared towards the beginning Yu-Gi-Oh player to help learn how to play and how to stack strategies and play various card abilities Old school players will probably grow bored with it quickly, but as a hint for you kids out there Thanks to a handy dandy tutorial, I can now say that I understand how to play the Yu-Gi-Oh card game, and I know how to build my own decks complete with sideboard and fusion decks, plus how the playing field works.

On a downside, there are no extra cards to experiment with up front, and building your own deck or even sideboard won’t come into play until after you have beaten Yu-Gi at least 10 – 15 times. In addition, the lack of opponents and decks or multiplayer ability tends to get a little dull after a few hours of playing.

The cards were done perfectly, down to the most minor detail. The backgrounds also looked nice, but Yu-Gi felt the need to show up over and over again anytime he or I played a card. After a while, I kept hitting space bar, escape, or anything I could find just to try and get him off the screen. If you don’t get tired of hearing the repeated music which runs constantly, you’ll probably quickly get weary hearing Yu-Gi-Oh popping up and tossing out some taunts or complaining about “what am I going to do now”, since he feels the need to accompany each of his appearances with a comment or two.

For the first time, I can honestly say “medium” to a Yu-Gi-Oh game. A great hand can prove a win even if strategy fails sometimes.

Yu-Gi-Oh for beginners is a great idea. I really wish I could have taken my newfound skills up against an online opponent or been able to build my own deck up front though. I liked the baby steps while learning, but I don’t like it when it seems to do baby steps for the next three days of playing.

Really, this game is the best way that I can recommend for someone to learn how to play. It is worth adding that if someone is playing this game for the first time, they can use a special tutorial in which all the most important options and possible games are described.

Important Information: Abandonwaregames. To the best of our knowledge, these games are no longer available on the market and are not supported by publishers. If you know otherwise, write to us. Publisher Konami Digital Entertainment. Year Tags abandonware , old , game , power , chaos , yugi , destiny , strategy , tactics , cards , duel , anime.

Genre strategy. Platform PC. Aleksa good game. Similar games Users also downloaded the following old games. The game keeps crashing constantly mid-game. Seems to happen when certain cards are drawn. Boku Hand -1 point. Tim 1 point. Are they still an issue in this download?

Like it 0 point. Pero -1 point. MTX love braa : 1 point. Roger 1 point. The “nocd” file under “game extra” analyzed with virustotal has some malware and trojan Vale 3 points. Miacharlotte 1 point. The regular “ISO Version” download has a crack folder on the ISO itself, which works without crashing after a normal installation version 1.

Then your install folder will have a new directory called “Version2” where you can use that 2. Nat -1 point. Excellent game. Its repetitive but with an imaginative aesthetic and Yugi’s deck changes.

If your game is crashing: Its because there are two different cracks for two different versions. The Kaiba the Revenge downloads on this site are a little strange with one having a Russian installer. OA 9 points. BabyAvlon 0 point. The game loads and opens, but it keeps randomly crashing. But it just keeps crashing after minutes. Anyone know what to do? Andrew 0 point. I keep trying to open this game and won’t work. Clicking the crack file copying the crack file blah blah blah nothing works just black screen and closed.

How hard could it possibly need to be? Teodor 1 point. Anonymous 1 point. Ancient23 0 point. I want to play this game beacuse during when i was young boy i start to play the cards and buying some packs.

MapavR33 24 points. LMXN 1 point. Poopyman someone ran it in a virtual machine, they only had one anti virus software though and was detected by that particular anti virus software as false positive. Admin ran the file through a a site which runs the. Khris -3 points. Poopyman -3 points. So wait Why the heck did someone say they scanned it and found “x” number of viruses?

Admin– Was it reuploaded at some point? This abandonware is infected with multiple virus engines. Install at your own risk. I virtualized the ISO image and installed it so you don’t have to. Here is the list of engines: Trojan. Packed Unsafe Win Yugi fan 0 point. I installed the game and it says no disc inserted when I start it up. I did all the things the comments said but nothing pls help I really wanna play this game :.

Lindsey Steger -1 point. Ali AN 1 point. Gaara -1 point. Oriak -1 point. Dave 0 point. Robert -4 points. What i need to do? I put the crack into the installed folder but it still dont work. I can’t find system. I want to find these so i can back up cards i earned. Does anybody know where i can find these files? They are not in “common folder” nor in documents nor in game directory


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Mania has extended to computer games, so we bring you a windows version of this famous card game. replace.me, MB. Play online in. Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny download % completed savegame files for PC and place data in save games location folder.