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Windows Server Edition: Ideal for: Licensing model: CAL requirements [1] Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) [4] Datacenter [2] Highly virtualized datacenters and cloud environments. Core-based. Windows Server CAL. $6, Standard [2] Physical or minimally virtualized environments. Core-based. Windows Server CAL. $ Essentials. Jul 14,  · On-premises Windows Server and SQL Server customers looking to migrate and modernize can take advantage of the extension of free Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for Windows Server /R2 and SQL Server , as follows: Windows Server 20R2 Extended Support (ESU) will end on October 10, Extended Support for SQL Server . Get free extended security updates for Windows Server and SQL Server , , R2, and R2. You can use the benefit with Windows Server Datacenter and Standard edition licenses covered with Software Assurance or Windows Server Subscriptions. Depending on the edition, you can convert or reuse your licenses to run Windows Server.

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Lite Dedicated RDP. Express Dedicated RDP. Basic Dedicated RDP. Professional Dedicated RDP. Advanced Dedicated RDP. Windows Server Windows Server is built on the strong foundation of Windows Server and brings many innovations on three key themes: security, Azure hybrid integration and management, and application platform.

The new security capabilities in Windows Server combine other security capabilities in Windows Server across multiple areas to provide defense-in-depth protection against advanced threats. Advanced multi-layer security in Windows Server provides the comprehensive protection that servers need today. Azure hybrid capabilities. You can increase your efficiency and agility with built-in hybrid capabilities in Windows Server that allow you to extend your data centers to Azure more easily than ever before.

Application platform. There are several platform improvements for Windows Containers, including application compatibility and the Windows Container experience with Kubernetes. Windows Server The Standard edition can be used in physical or virtualized environments. Windows Server Standard vs Essentials vs Datacenter. Windows Server Standard Edition supports virtualization and allows you to create two virtual machines and one Hyper-V host per license. For high security, Windows Server will be a better choice than the version.

While the version was based on the use of shielded VMs, the version offers extra support to run Linux VMs. Additionally, the version has some improved features than , such as: A single management interface to facilitate monitoring and network configuration. An improved S2D feature that offers scalable storage up to 64TB in the version. Mirror parity that improves performance on direct deployments. Storage replication to help in disaster recovery.

File witness sharing on the cloud infrastructure. Windows Server Standard vs Datacenter. Comparing with Windows Server Standard, the Datacenter version has many unique and improved features, such as: Supports unlimited virtual machine; however, only one Hyper-V host is available per license.

Supports unlimited containers. The Datacenter version of server can be either host or guest. Windows Server Standard Vs Windows However, there are still some differences as follows: Windows 10 is a desktop OS, and excels at everyday use. Windows Server is used for running services that people access across a network, manages many computers, files, and services.

Windows Server is Locked Down. Debbi Lyons. Vijay Kumar. Similarly, customers like Cad D o are combining SQL Server with Windows Server to take advantage of advanced multi-layer security, hybrid capabilities, and enhancements to modernize applications with containers.

In March of , we announced Windows Server in preview, which thousands of customers are already previewing for their workloads. While new innovations keep lighting up in the latest releases of SQL Server and Windows Server, support for older versions along with security updates will eventually end. This can lead to the potential for compliance gaps for workloads that still rely on these versions and create missed opportunities to apply innovation to business-critical workloads.

In addition to the great features included in SQL Server and Windows Server, today we are announcing new benefits giving customers more flexibility and choice for modernization, so they stay secure while modernizing their entire IT estate. You can learn about Windows Server here. We have remote desktop licensing available as well, which will allow you to remotely access files and utilities that are available on your server.

Have more questions? Give us a call today at Trusted Tech Team and see how we can help you! Trusted Tech Team is dedicated to being a reliable resource for all software and technology support needs. Our relationship to the Microsoft Partner Network allows us to provide competitive pricing and authentic software and support, all with a much-needed human element.

TTT delivers unbeatable customer service, with experts in licensing and high-level technicians always on-call to answer your tech issues in-depth. Hate waiting? Run upgrade. The script completes the following steps:. On the Select Image screen, select the configuration that matches your current configuration:. Depending on the machine type of your VM instance and your Windows Server configuration, the upgrade might take between 10 and 60 minutes to complete.

During that time, you can observe the status through the serial port output :. Wait until the machine has rebooted four times. Depending on the configuration of your VM instance, it might take 30 minutes or more for these reboots to occur.

You can recognize a reboot by output that looks similar to this:. After the fourth reboot, wait until the output GCEMetadataScripts: Finished running startup scripts or No startup scripts to run appears. You can now connect to the VM instance to verify that the upgrade has been successfully completed.

Restart the VM instance to ensure all changes take effect. It might take 1 to 2 minutes for the reboot to complete before you can connect to the VM instance again. Connect to the machine by using an RDP client. Use Windows Update to install the latest Windows updates. You might have to restart the VM instance multiple times during this process. If you suspect that the upgrade failed or is not progressing, use the following approaches, in order, to diagnose the situation:.

To check the progress of the upgrade process, view the serial port output of the VM instance:. During the upgrade, you should observe four reboots. If you don’t observe any progress for more than 30 minutes after the first reboot, it is likely that the upgrade failed. Go to VM instances. Using the EMS console, check the Windows Setup log files and the event log for indications that the upgrade is still progressing or for information about any errors that might have occurred.

When prompted for credentials, enter the username and password of an administrative user account. Use the remote PowerShell session to check the Windows Setup log files and the event log. If you can’t connect to the instance by using Windows Remote Management WinRM , you can cancel the upgrade and analyze the log files from a different VM instance. To do this, follow these steps:. Stop the VM instance. Detach the boot disk from the instance.

Create a new, temporary Windows Server instance, and attach the boot disk of the original instance as an additional disk. Use the temporary Windows Server instance to analyze the setup log and event log files of the instance that you were trying to upgrade. After you have completed the analysis, detach the disk from the temporary instance and reattach it as a boot disk to the original VM instance.

For information about troubleshooting your Windows Server instances, see Tips and troubleshooting for Windows instances. To avoid incurring further costs after you have completed this process, delete the installation disk. You can create an installation disk based on the Google-provided image at any time. If you don’t plan to upgrade more VM instances in the same zone, delete the installation disk:.

In Cloud Shell, delete the win-installers disk that you created earlier:. Learn how to bring existing licenses to Compute Engine. Learn how to connect to Windows instances. Learn about sole-tenant nodes on Compute Engine. Work through more Windows tutorials.

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The server must have the appropriate number of licenses assigned to it to ensure coverage of all of the virtual OSEs that are running at any given time.

Purchase a Software Assurance Step-up license to Datacenter edition, changing the license to a higher edition that allows unlimited virtual OSEs. To use this benefit, your underlying license must have Software Assurance. With the Windows Server R2 Standard edition licensing model, you can grow your virtualization environment by either buying a step-up license to Datacenter edition if you have Software Assurance, or by simply buying additional Standard edition licenses and assigning them to the same physical server.

For example, if you have a two-processor server and want to run a total of four VOSEs, you can purchase two Standard edition licenses and assign them to the same server. Additional examples are shown in the following table. Windows Server R2. Windows Server R2 captures the experience Microsoft has gained from building and operating public clouds to deliver a highly dynamic, available, and cost-effective server platform for your datacenter and private cloud.

The following information provides an overview of your key licensing options. Licensing editions Compare features in all editions to determine the ideal solution for your virtualization and cloud computing needs. Datacenter edition is ideal for customers who want to have a highly virtualized private and hybrid cloud environment.

As always, it provides access to all the product features and enables unlimited instances of Windows Server with each license, enabling your virtual environment to grow as you do. The licensing for Datacenter edition will continue to be processor plus CAL Client Access License , with each license covering up to two physical processors on a single server. Standard edition is ideal for those customers who want to have a physical or lightly virtualized environment.

This edition enables you to run up to two virtual instances of Windows Server with each license and provides all the same features as Datacenter edition. The licensing for Standard edition will continue to be processor plus CAL, with each license covering up to two physical processors on a single server, just like Datacenter edition.

Essentials edition is ideal for small businesses that have up to 25 users and want to have a simpler, pre-configured connection to cloud-based services. This edition enables you to run a single virtual instance of Essentials. The licensing for Essentials will continue to be a server license for a two processor server that does not require CALs. Foundation edition is ideal for small businesses that have up to 15 users and want a general purpose server.

The licensing for Foundation has not changed; it continues to be a server license for a one-processor server that does not require CALs and is sold only through OEM original equipment manufacturer.

FAQ Find answers to questions about features, licensing models, and determining which edition is right for you. How is Windows Server R2 licensed? Microsoft recently updated its pricing for its emerging products. Windows Server R2 will be generally available by the end of this year, but the exact date has not yet been released.

This new release will cost a full 28 percent more than its predecessor. As for the price of each edition, it depends on the size of your organization, your requirements and your OEM partner. Windows Server offers a comprehensive set of advanced storage scenarios. With this version, you can easily thin-provision virtual machines VMs , pool storage resources, and abstract the storage. It also helps you simplify IT service delivery to many tenants. Its robust storage features enable you to secure corporate data and access it from any device.

In addition, it delivers excellent ROI and economics, making it an excellent choice for enterprise environments. The answer is yes, because the new version has nearly identical features. You can buy one of the two versions of the OS, the Standard edition and the Datacenter edition.

Both are licensed per-socket, which means that one license will allow you to run up to two instances of the operating system on a physical server with up to two processors. The Datacenter edition is much more expensive, but the same license will give you access to unlimited virtual instances of Windows Server When buying Microsoft Server, you should consider its Extended Support period.

This period ends in October You will no longer receive critical security updates for this version. This version of the popular operating system is free to download and install, and you can even upgrade from an older version. The advantages of upgrading include gaining all the latest updates and patches.

Read on to find out more! Also, check out these benefits of upgrading from a previous version of the server. Listed below are some of the advantages of upgrading. Windows Server R2 is the latest version of the popular server operating system.

With its many features, you can create and manage many servers with ease. Its server manager allows you to control the settings for different components of the operating system, including guest OS instances. It also comes with a Datacenter license, which allows you to run dozens of guest OS instances on a single server — ideal for businesses looking to run cloud services.

Each edition has different features and is free if you already own a previous version. If you already own a Windows Server or , upgrading your system is free. There are also free upgrades available for R2 versions of Windows Server. Which Version of Windows Server is free? Depending on how many users your server supports, you may need more than one license. You can get a single Standard license or a license for each of the 24 cores in a core server.

The costs of these licenses may vary depending on the core density of the server. While a core server will have the same costs, the cost of OS licensing can be significantly higher on a core machine.