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The Bengali cineverse has always dedicated itself to creating movies that depict compelling storylines and brings inspiration. While chasing cinematic brilliance, Bengali movies have outdone themselves and gained many accolades by portraying contemporary characters and exploring new filmmaking methods.

Bengali cinema has always stayed ahead of its time and seen the rise of many talented directors like Satyajit Ray and actors like Dev, Saswata Chatterjee, and more.

Now, you can witness the best selections of Bengali movies on ZEE5! The Bengali film industry was the first to introduce India to parallel filmmaking. This has established a firm standing of the film industry in international markets. Today Bengali filmmakers have received their due recognition globally and successfully produced the best flicks of our time.

The movies are culturally rooted and showcase complex human emotion quite aptly. Tune in to the best of Bengali movies on ZEE5! You can stream them from your phones, laptops, and smart TVs from anywhere and at your convenience.

Whether you are craving a light-hearted comedy or something more dramatic, ZEE5 has everything you need for an exciting binge-fest.

The constant shifting movie trends can get a bit overwhelming. To make your streaming experience more fun, ZEE5 brings you a catalogue of Bengali movies featuring varied genres and originals. These run gamut from eccentric romance to taunt thrillers to timeless classics.

All you have to do is relax, prepare your favourite snacks, and get ready to board a beautiful ride. So, you can stop racking your brains and strap in for endless Bengali entertainment from ZEE5. Latest Bengali Movies. Uttwaraan 1h 39m Drama. Savings Account 2h Crime Action. Amrapali 1h 52m Romance Drama.

Kedara 1h 46m Drama suspense. Hirokgorer Hire 1h 54m Comedy Adventure. Agantuk 2h 8m Drama Crime. Bengali Action Movies More. Baazi 2h 16m Action. Ghostbusters: Afterlife 1h 58m Action Fantasy. Thanda 45m Comedy Action. Eri Naam Bhalobasha 2h 23m Drama Action. Ekchakra 2h 10m Crime Action. Password 2h 9m Action Thriller. Kidnap 2h 4m Drama Action. Shesh Theke Shuru 2h 11m Drama Action. Reunion 1h 58m Drama Romance.

Rakta Reen 2h 3m Drama Action. Judhishthir 1h 55m Action Thriller. Barood 1h 59m Crime Action. Shapath 2h 7m Drama Action. Kader Kuler Bou 1h 28m Action Thriller.

Force 2h 23m Drama Action. Fighter Rudra 2h 3m Action. Aleyar Alo 2h 9m Drama Action. Enemmy 1h 56m Action. Mahayudha 2h 8m Drama Action. E Kemon Prem 2h 12m Action Romance. Icche 2h 9m Drama Action. Right Ya Wrong 2h 4m Drama Action. Chae Mon Tomake 2h 41m Drama Action. Abhimanyu 2h 14m Drama Action.

Insan 2h 21m Action Thriller. Krantikaal 1h 44m Drama Action. Run 2h 14m Comedy Action. Kalo Cheetah 2h 17m Drama Action. Kagaar 2h 1m Action Thriller. Biswasghatak 2h 13m Drama Action. Shakti-The Power 2h 47m Drama Action. Company 2h 28m Action Thriller. Pitaah 2h 6m Drama Action. Sindur Niye Khela 3h 2m Drama Action. Bulandi 2h 43m Action Thriller.

Mastan Raja 1h 53m Action Thriller. Chena Achena 2h 19m Drama Action. Manush Keno Beiman 2h 14m Drama Action. Loafer 2h 34m Drama Action. Krodhi 2h 1m Drama Action. Ajana Path 2h 26m Drama Action. Rakter Saad 2h 15m Action Thriller.

Bengali Adventure Movies More. Avijatrik 2h 11m Drama Adventure. Sonar Kella 2h 15m Adventure Thriller. Bengali Thriller Movies More. Andarmahal 2h 10m Thriller Drama. Antardhaan 1h 39m Thriller Drama. Iskaboner Rani 2h 11m Comedy Drama. Nirbaandhamer Jora Khoon 2h 14m Mystery Thriller. The Broker 46m Thriller Drama. Buro Sadhu 1h 30m Thriller Drama. Pratighat 2h 18m Romance Thriller.

Dwitwo 7m Thriller. Mainkar Chipay 50m Thriller. Satyanweshi Byomkesh 1h 42m Drama Thriller. Atithi 1h 51m Drama Thriller. Mukhomukhi 1h 51m Thriller Drama. Aami Joy Chatterjee 1h 48m Thriller Drama. Cockpit 2h 12m Drama Thriller. Byomkesh O Chiriyakhana 1h 42m Drama Thriller. Birat 22 1h 55m Drama Thriller. Rahasya 1h 57m Mystery Thriller. Kkoli 2h 13m Drama Thriller. Bhorer Allo 2h 21m Drama Thriller.

Teen Patti 2h 17m Drama Thriller. Jurm 2h 35m Thriller. Pukar 2h 44m Drama Thriller. Kamalar Banabas 2h 18m Drama Thriller.

Bengali Romantic Movies More. Har Mana Har 1h 36m Drama Romance. Ananta The Eternal 1h 49m Romance Drama. Hridpindo 2h Romance Drama. Nogor Baul Kotha 2h 16m Romance. Nimki Phulki 2 2h 12m Drama Comedy.


Bengali pc movie download website


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This website offers web seires, live programs, music, daily news, and more apart from movies. If you look for Bengali movies, then you адрес страницы come across this website. This website has become quite popular due to bengali pc movie download website availability to users. User who ever wish to watch movies online, then they can get to watch them through this website. This website help you get the movies with high resolution. In additon to watch movies, you can download movies on any device.

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This website is user-friendly. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Comment Name.


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