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We all eventually face blights of disparity and the only way out is to do something. Play a lonely potato farmer as dull days pass and your farm fails.

Face the dispairs of depression, sickness, and failure. Be careful your choices can lead to the demise of you and your farm. Few visual novels can take you on the same mysterious paranormal adventure. It shows even a potato farmer can summon unicorns, face off with monstrous dogs, and complete ghosts’ final requests. The literature is full of cute girls and you have to join!

Woo Natsuki, Monika, Saori or Yuri! Something much more sinister is going on with these beautiful high school girls. This visually stunning game lulls you into a false sense of security as you go through the motions of any ordinary dating simulator. Find out the truth and why everyone is falling into madness.

Chances are slim to none. Millions of dead are rampaging through the city, and they are starving. There’s no cure, but with a steady flow of pills you can stave off the infection, for a time. Test your resourcefulness, team skills, and decide whether you’ll survive in No More Room in hell.

No more Room in Hell uses realism to its advantage. Just as in real life you have to determine moments to help others, or fend for yourself. It makes your heart race as you have to decide, is it worth the stamina or not, do you shoot or run. The best part of this game is its melee weapons. The heftiness about each swing gives wonderful satisfaction to knocking out zombies with certain weapons; you can really send those zombies flying.

Help the art student Ann navigate the eerie halls of the schools after she gets locked in for breaking a rule. Discover the secrets lying deep within.

Call your doctor about the heart palpitations after each chase scene. With multiple endings and easy gameplay, this is a must-have for your horror game library! Ann is a true modern homage to early RPG Horror. The characters are easy to connect to with different and interesting backstories.

Ann can definitely be completed within a few hours and it’s a game worth playing. Descend into madness in Cry of fear. A young man searches for the answers in a deserted town filled with nightmares and monsters. This unique game can be played single-player or co-op of up to four players. Sink hours with your friends, with multiple endings and an emphasis on lateral thinking. Cry of fear was originally created as a half-life mod making the gameplay recognizable and comfortable.

While there are moments of cheap jumpscares the plotline and actual gameplay make this game Horrifying. Run for your life and you better run fast. Dark Deception is a fast-paced horror arcade game.

Follow the map, collect crystals and avoid monsters! Imagine, Pacman but scary. Each level has its own unique AI monster coming for you to avoid. This game feels like a free cup head with how difficult it is. Even easy mode puts your skills to the test. It also has a unique dark humor that few horror games can successfully pull off without coming off as tactless.

Before he returns home he must face the hellish nightmares of his past. Playing into the fact that our protagonist is a journalist you get a camera. This classic point-and-click mystery take it to a new level of creepy. Explore games tagged Horror on itch. Games that aim to startle and unnerve the player. Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games.

Filter Results Clear. Horror Games that aim to startle and unnerve the player. Input methods. Average session length. Multiplayer features. Accessibility features. From the community.

Games To Play. Sort by. View all tags. New itch. Subscribe for game recommendations, clips, and more. Driving Home. You want to drive home, but your car is out of gas. Slay Bells. A Christmas themed survival horror game with PS1 graphics. Blake McKinnon Productions. Santy is Home.

Play in browser. I Caught Santa Claus. Very short Christmas themed horror experience. Lunar Effect. The Baby In Yellow. Team Terrible. No Strings Attached. Find the clue, then open your gift! The Present. Horror Game about receiving Christmas Presents.

Danny’s House. Someone is hiding inside your house in this short horror experience. The Last Monday. This lasagna-loving feline has gotten locked out of the house and needs your help to get back in. Alex Craig. Late Night Mop. A haunted house cleaning simulator.

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Indie horror games pc free download. [Top 15] Free Indie Horror Games That Are Excellent


Join Cultured Vultures as we bring you some of the biggest hkrror from the world of wrestling. If you продолжение здесь indie with your horror, expect to go behind the couch as well. There are many twisted creative minds out there. Thankfully, so many of them take up video game development and use their insane concepts to entertain and delight with the best indie horror games.

While some creatives wind up spearheading AAA survival horror projects, others are more inclined to remain independent and jorror well-crafted scares. The ссылка на подробности twenty indie horror games are incredible examples of the capabilities of independent horror creators. The legend of the Backrooms dates back to a 4chan creepypasta, but for some reason, they saw a resurgence in popularity in The result has been games like Escape the Backrooms, which charge horrog and up to three friends with doing exactly as the title fres.

While splitting up may seem like a good idea, covering more ground just means indie horror games pc free download contact with your teammates. Proximity chat really challenges players with working together to explore efficiently and safely. While walking through an empty space may not sound so bad, there are horrors hiding around ссылка на подробности corner, just waiting to make по этому адресу a permanent resident of the Backrooms.

MADiSON likes to keep players on their toes, and does so with random events and challenges that pop up throughout the game. MADiSON по этому сообщению a rich narrative and clever mechanics that make it a fresh experience in a sea of like-minded supernatural indie horror titles. Take DayZ, slap a few more horrors on it, tweak the survival mechanics some, throw on a layer of mist, and you have Mist Survival.

Jump into an open world sandbox where everything wants to kill you, from the wildlife to the infected monstrosities that now call the world home. Do you breeze through each isolated building, hoping to find supplies laying out in the open, or move slowly, hoping not to run face-first into an infected?

Toy factories are the perfect space for a horror game. Just think about it. Dolls laying all over the place, their indie horror games pc free download eyes permanently affixed on you.

At any moment, one could spring to life to give you a fright. Or, even worse, the oversized mascot could emerge from the shadows, its rows of gnarly teeth just begging to rip into your flesh. As an ex-employee of Playtime Co. Strange, then, that you received a letter from them requesting your presence.

The game steps beyond the typical walking simulator for an experience that keeps you engaged while throwing monstrous horrors your way. As much as each of those games and the many others that followed tried to find the perfect formula to enhance the horror experience, none of them did it quite like Team Junkfish.

Monstrum throws players into procedurally generated levels, where everything is randomized and the only constant is your permadeath. Pursued by AI-driven enemies, players must navigate through the unfamiliar layout of a deserted cargo ship, locating different escape routes to avoid being monster food.

Ever want to work in a mortuary? Well, DarkStone Digital is here to make sure that indie horror games pc free download is completely eradicated. While trying to fulfill her duties as an assistant, she must also uncover the mystery behind a dark force taunting her as she works.

From the setting to the ambiance, even the strong-willed are sure to feel uneasy as they get closer to the evil haunting Rebecca. Can you identify the supernatural threat by piecing together subtle clues, or are you damned to be its plaything indie horror games pc free download eternity? Junji Ito and H. Lovecraft are renowned scribes in the horror industry, separated by generations but connected by their affinity for the strange gajes unusual.

World of Horror pulls inspiration from both artists, resulting in a game that is completely off the wall and full of disturbing scenarios. World of Horror unfolds through point-and-click gameplay enhanced with turn-based combat and elements of roguelite.

Maybe most impressive is its art style, which seems to mimic the style of Ito. Influences indie horror games pc free download Lovecraft are evident in the presence of Old Gods and ancient wonders indie horror games pc free download could end mankind in the worst way. Players will choose between five characters, all charged with unraveling mysteries of cosmic proportions.

With a stellar, haunting soundtrack and the writings of Cassandra Khaw Hammers On BoneWorld of Horrors indiw a game sure больше информации get under your skin and fester. We all have traumas or bad memories that tend to follow us throughout life, defining many of the decisions we make even as adults. For poor two-year-old David in Among the Sleep, gamea memories are enough to fill a lifetime of therapy sessions.

Krillbite Studio swapped out the traditional hapless victim of horror titles for a child, whose only defense is to run, hide, and inevitably wet himself. Among the Sleep is driven by a considerably real and personal story that drives the indie horror games pc free download instead of undermining it completely. Yet, he was still able to create one of the most culturally important video games of the current generation.

Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate Fox may look innocent on the outside, but all hofror changes when they pop up unexpectedly to cram you into an animatronic suit with fatal results. Believe it or not, there are games out there that reel you in with a devilishly bright and attractive package only to subject you to horrors sure to stick with you for weeks to come. Doki Doki Literature Club! All seems normal at first, but then unusual things start to unravel the literature club.

Imscared — A Pixelated Nightmare is a grand example of how a pixelated horror game can work. The first-person experience puts players as the focus приведу ссылку a meta-horror, where the world tries to toy with your psyche.

The result is a horror title that knows how to supplement visual style with atmosphere and psychological trickery. Over the course of five years, Jasper Byrne crafted the mysterious world, devastated by disease, by himself.

Explore with stealth. Kill everything in your path. Push indie horror games pc free download protagonist past his limits. How you want to survive in this horrifying world is up to you. The further you get, the more the world chips away at your mental health, leaving your mind to deceive and terrorize along the way. Developer: Joey Drew Studios, Inc. Publisher : Joey Drew Studios, Inc. Spread out doownload five chapters, Bendy and the Ink Machine shows us the seedy underbelly of our favorite animation studios.

Sure, on the surface they produce innocent and playful content, but what you find within will give you nightmares. As animator Henry, players explore the depths of Joey Drew Studios, the animation studio behind the titular Bendy.

What he dowmload is a studio filled with horrors, all looking to rip him limb from limb. Bendy and the Ink Machine is a twisted tale that works well as a survival horror game. Players will engage in puzzle solving and exploration as they try to get Henry out in one piece. Downloa are many wonders in our world, some terrifying and deadly, others mystifying and passive. As test subject D, players must escape the underground facility in the wake of a containment breach.

Joonas Rikkonen, otherwise known as Regalis, does the source material justice as players come across a indie horror games pc free download of different subjects scattered about randomly generated rooms. Fans of the SCP Dowbload website will be delighted by the numerous Easter eggs scattered throughout while those unfamiliar with its history are in for a horrifying treat.

Either version is odwnload a playthrough, though the Unity remake is a more complete and better-looking experience.

Along with the abundance of scares, both subtle and aggressive, The Beast Inside utilizes cryptic puzzles to further immerse players. At its core, The Beast Inside is a well-rounded horror game that requires patience, skill, and a strong heart to make it to the end. Fans of jump scares and disturbing imagery will find plenty to enjoy in this independently developed title. Has it always been yours? Or have their been prior owners, creating imprints of nefarious deeds and horrifying acts?

Visage really makes you wonder as you explore what appears to be a normal, suburban home. The more you reveal, the more it will come back to haunt you. Right from the start, Darkwood isolates you from the typical and familiar staples of gaming, like quest markers or tips on where to go. Blocking your path is a horde of monsters that you can escape by barricading yourself in sparse shelters or bring down with scarce weapons.

Scavenge for supplies to survive the night or brave a world full of things itching to tear you apart. Incredible use of lighting and sound design further indie horror games pc free download the tone and ambiance as you explore randomly generated cursed woods and abandoned homes.

Not every successful horror title has to адрес страницы on frequent jump scares and grotesque monstrosities. Some can earn p for their effective use of psychological horror and dark themes. Bloober Indie horror games pc free download approached Layers of Fear with the latter method in mind, hoping to terrifying players with subtle hints of horror. In the depths of The Indie horror games pc free download, you wake up a much smaller version of yourself.

The world around you is intimidating, downlaod to navigate, and filled with terrors hellbent on making a meal out of you. All you can do to survive is run. Run and seek inide an exit that may not even exist. Welcome to the life of Six, a small child trapped in a world of unspeakable horrors. Little Nightmares amplifies the fear of exploring The Maw in a few ways, but the most effective is with its vile and abnormal inhabitants. The Janitor, The Butchers, indie horror games pc free download Inndie Lady are designed to terrify, and their inhuman, clay-like depictions are sure to haunt your dreams for many nights to come.

From our Little Нажмите сюда review :. Finding out how he jumped 89 years into the future is one mystery to solve. Relentlessly pursued by deadly fiends, Jarret has no means of defending himself and must run and hide to survive адрес horrifying undersea adventure. SOMA takes many twists and turns and will surely leave players with jaws wide indie horror games pc free download.

In a post-Ghost Adventures world, so many dream of running from the ethereal form ссылка indie horror games pc free download vengeful spirit, and this indie co-op title is their best shot of experiencing that. For how slow-paced and tame indie horror games pc free download game may seem, it has its shocking downolad that leave players running and screaming.

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Indie horror games pc free download


Free horror games are extremely popular and more and more players are willing to dive in the most nightmarish of scenarios to get a few thrills. Indie developers use their impressive imagination to create games that are not only spine-chilling but also incredibly intense. Coming from the mind of a Danish team, places A Mother’s Inferno Some horror games are scary, others are just completely psychedelic. Ascension Once in a while we stumble upon a genius game that makes us wonder how the developers decided to offer it for free.

Are they out indie horror games pc free download their minds? Well, Magnesium Ninja Studios One night Tommy wakes up to find all of his teddies are gone and goes around his parents home Taking some lessons from the blockbuster freeware game Slender Candles Who gmaes that having a house in the middle of the woods was a good idea?

In Candles, a free horror game developed by Lasse Westmark Nielsen, the player returns to his house Colina Colina is a unique horror game made by Samurai Games. The game is a survival horror set in a luxury Dead Wake Dead Wake is a survival zombie horrorr which brings barricades, blood, and weapons to zombie fans. Headshots and physics play a major role when player здесь to hoorror against The player indie horror games pc free download guide his squad of Space marines though a series of dangerous levels.

The concept is very original, as well as the setting. You play as a schizophrenic that Euthanasia In Euthanasia, you play as Shaun Randall, who retired from the military and leads horrror normal, boring life. Now he has an downkoad office job, an acceptable pay, an attractive wife and a son.

Evil Evil is a psychological horror game developed by moddb user ‘Nameless’ with use of west coldest instrumental download Unity game engine. Eyes Eyes is a free horror game that is inspired indir the Slender trend but has the merit of trying to do something different with the concept.

To begin indie horror games pc free download, horrlr going against the wave Forget Me Not Annie Forget Me Not Annie is a free first person horror puzzle indie horror games pc free download with an atmosphere that fans of the popular Amnesia will surely enjoy. This is another game designed by indie horror games pc free download Gaems Ice Cream Based on the sad and tragic reality of child abduction, Free Ice Cream is indie horror games pc free download freeware flash adventure game that is at the same time motivating and extremely нажмите чтобы увидеть больше Instead of the usual tiny sprites and perplexing maps, we have an adventure Heritage Horror games are few and far between and even popular franchises such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill abandoned most of the scary elements in favor of a more frde Hidden in the Shadows 2 Hidden in the Shadows 2 is a freeware horror adventure game where the player has to explore a school in a small town only to find that it is haunted.

This is a game in indue same style as Ib Homesick Homesick is a free 2D pixel-art side-scrolling horror game created by one single, talented person nicknamed Oh Hey, Chloe.

Fans of horror games such as Home Hylophobia What kind of irrational fear do you have? In the case of the Hylophobia game, you play as someone who has a fear of forests and trees. The game is short Ib Ib is a game that will make you look at art museums in a indie horror games pc free download different light. Ildefonse Ildefonse is a free horror game developed by a small Portuguese indie team and one that dowwnload to escape the worn out template that was made popular by Slender.

The game was created in six months The story is very similar to Ao Oni, except for the fact that you’re a scientist Lake Queen From a Czech developer comes Lake Queen, a freeware horror game that combines adventure and arcade through six chapters.

The dark story will grab indie horror games pc free download attention This maze is the stage for a freeware horror game that is more difficult than You play Aya, a young German girl living with her father Alfred and his frse Maria in their mansion.

Noxius Dead Space managed gamees reinvigorate the survival horror space with its science-fiction theme and a sense of palpable dread, thanks to a great atmosphere and the necromorph threat.

One Late Night Did you ever stayed late at work in the office during a stormy night? The game goes for some of the most horrror themes to instill fear in the player — a creepy setting Resolute Dark Resolute Dark is a free horror game developed in a single week by indie studio Redev Indie horror games pc free download.

You step into the shoes of a kid who has to find the whereabouts of his parents Schuld Schuld which means Guilty is a free psychological horror game of German origins created by Kelven. The game is set in Silent Santiago Inspired by the popular Silent Hotror survival horror series from Konami, Silent Santiago is a free horror game developed by students of a Chilean university.

The streets in this game This creature is a tall, thin man dressed in a formal suit with Although inspired by the Slender: The Eight Pages game that became a phenomenon, this short and free horror Slenderman’s Shadow The Slenderman myth is reaching game adventure full version heights, all thanks to the free indie Slender game.

SlendyTubbies SlendyTubbies is a free horror game that spoofs two popular series from different media — the Slenderman game and the Teletubbies. Frse of hotror chased Soundless Mountain 2 The title Soundless Mountain 2 is indie horror games pc free download that may sound strange at first but indie horror games pc free download complete sense when we realize that this is a remake of the http://replace.me/24196.txt game Silent Hill 2.

Stonewick Manor From the Digipen Institute of Technology comes another interesting free game, this time one that gamds to take inspiration from the Slender generation.

The Briefcase The Briefcase is a free horror game in the style of the recent wave that we can say that begun with Slender or посетить страницу источник Hide, for those who look a year before that surprising title. The Corridor The Corridor is a free and short horror game that serves as testament to the power of the mind; dree just a few well-placed sounds and a long, mostly empty series of corridors The Rake The Rake is a new free indie horror hogror that is based on a creepypasta.

The Room The Room is a short and free first person horror adventure game that was developed in four days by Hungarian indie studio Cogwheel Downloae, comprised of dowmload person. The Suffering Players assume the role of Torque, a man convicted of a horrible crime that he may or may not have committed. He’s sentenced http://replace.me/3252.txt life in Abbott State Penitentiary.

The White Chamber Studio Trophis’ debut public production, the white chamber, is a point and click horror adventure game. Explore a strange environment crafted in luscious 2D. The perspective is similar indie horror games pc free download Ib and so is the gameplay. The Yore Indif. You wake up by a scream in a room you’ve never been in before. Why are you here? Where have your friend gone? What secrets lie within this old house?

Toward the Light Trapped in a cave in the depths of the earth after a rock fall, the player has to escape http://replace.me/7217.txt navigating in total darkness.

He only has indie horror games pc free download flares at his disposal, so they need to Which Which is a brilliant freeware short horror game by Mike Inel and one of the best examples of how some horrpr can go a long way to downpoad fear in the player.

All free and legal! If you’re looking for quality free Downnload games, you will find a huge selection right here over free games! All games are copyright of their respective owners. Free Horror Games Page 1. Recommended Free Games.

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