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Sniper ghost warrior game pc free download

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The player is asked to play as three characters from different roles during the various missions: a sniper, Sergeant Tyler Wells, for long-haul operations and actions stealth infiltration; a Delta Force operator, Private Anderson, for assault operations and support; and a Mexican rebel, El Trejon, for missions involving direct firefights.

A scene of gameplay. The main plot tells the sending of a special unit highly qualified, which is sent in the fictional country of Isla Trueno, whose goal is to help the rebel force against the militia and its leaders, who have taken possession of the country by a military coup.

In the game, players take the role of three characters for different missions, using a sniper character, the Sergeant Tyler Wells for long-range missions, then the Anderson soldier who has stealth assignments as Delta Force operator, and finally a rebel, The Badger, for missions of direct confrontation. The plot centers mainly around a highly trained special unit sent into the fictional country of Isla Trueno, whose democratic government was overthrown by a hostile military force.

Download Link. Click Here to Download. You usually have to fire a few times to get the kill shot and when it lands it looks good; however the glitchiness of what should be the main function of the game is down to a dodgy AI that takes you right out of the experience of being a sniper.

This means that a lot of the game basically revolves around running away from foes and trying desperately to take them down with your seldom-working gun. I honestly found it to be tedious, repetitive and quite dull. Unfortunately there happens to be more bad than good to say about this game. There are points where it feels like it has something, and then the haywire AI or just the downright boring gameplay rears its head and it puts you right off.

City Interactive Are mostly known for lower-than-bog standard stuff like Beauty Factory and those atrocious Art of Murder adventures, amazingly of which there are now three and counting. Sniper: Ghost Warrior is their attempt to push forward out of the bargain bin bollocks zone and into the mainstream area.

The strange thing is, as a game with “sniper” in the title, there’s a surprising amount of run-and-gun shooting. The main campaign narrative has 25 contracts. Each region acts like a sniping sandbox that is closely packed with the side objectives. The game features a realistic approach to combat. They primarily focus on stealth, tactics, and stealth. The players can enjoy the plethora of newly introduced features that include the Dynamic Reticle system.

With this feature, the player can manage the atmospheric conditions of the game. The game has both a single-player campaign and multiplayer option. The players can play the game in different ways and fight through the lush forest, magnificently snow-covered mountains, and the secret bases that lay hidden in the mountains. Sniper Ghost warrior: Contracts offers clear objectives with a particular amount of fixed monetary rewards. You can even complete the bonus challenges for additional payouts.

The game offers strategic sniping gameplay that is interesting and can grab the attention of the player. Do you recommend it? Sniper: Ghost Warrior for Windows.

Softonic review. Joe Wainer Updated 4 months ago. Sniper: Ghost Warrior for PC. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 3. Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 1.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior – Free Download PC Game (Full Version)

Encompassing a wide array of single and multiplayer levels, players will encounter a variety of challenging terrain. Playstation 3. The first thing you notice is that everything is very Modern Warfare-inspired, right down to the slow-motion door-busting room clearances on an oil rig. The tactical shooter video game was developed and published by CI Games. Lisa Rivera, vice president of Sales for City Interactive made because even recently realized that by the multiplication of programs about on the History Channel or channels, where it multiplies give military documentation, in the past, a strongly growing base of people interested in games of this type is. XBox It Lurks Below.


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Sniper: Ghost Warrior, free and safe download. Sniper: Ghost Warrior latest version: Stealthy undercover war game. Sniper Ghost Warrior 1 Free Download PC game for Windows. It is a silent mission and you have to kill the target with precision-able skills.