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WebAug 27,  · These sniper PC games will surely make your heart race during the missions. There is something captivating about playing a marksman in the game. You . WebDownload Sniper Games For Windows 10 – Best Software & Apps Sniper Elite 5 varies-with-devices 4 (3 votes) Free Download for Windows Take out Nazis in Sniper Elite 5 . Websniper game allows you to aim and shot in your free time. you need to hit the target to get points. don’t waste time, the game over when the time is finished. Features: Aim to the .

Download best sniper games for pc


Terrorists and counter-terrorists have got different goals in mind. Baddies want to detonate the objective marked on the map or kill all counter-terrorists. The good guys cannot let the explosion be activated, so they disarm the bomb or, as you can imagine, kill all the bad guys.

Shotguns, grenade launchers, or machine guns are also at your disposal. The title focuses heavily on survival. Fighting enemies is one thing, making it to another day is a different matter. The Hitman series is a sandbox that allows you to approach your missions however you like — so you can take a sniper rifle with you to every mission! We should add that there are Sniper Assassin challenges that require you to eliminate all of your targets with a rifle without being noticed in every installment of the trilogy.

Good luck with that! We received a smoother game, but, as a sacrifice, it wasn’t a battlefield simulator anymore. Due to this fact, some of the fights are long-distance, which calls for a scope and a sniper rifle.

The plot takes us to a mountain region in Georgia tormented by Moscow-sponsored separatists. After releasing Ghost Warrior 3, CI Games decided to change the scale of their next title, which resulted in the first Contracts.

Vast maps were replaced with smaller ones; the story took a background role while the approach to gameplay evolved. The crucial part of the game was the titular contracts: mission objectives that involved killing a particular person or finding a specific object. The game’s sandbox nature allows for creativity, which suited our tastes — and led to a sequel.

Contracts 2 wants to be bigger and better than the previous game in the series — you will have plenty of opportunities to wield your sniper rifle here.

You knew the list of the best sniper games couldn’t be complete without this franchise. Instead, you may start your journey by playing the second one. Karl Fairburne cannot retire just yet, as he has to embark on an adventure to picturesque Britannia, a part of France.

His mission will involve infiltrating a German fortification called the Atlantic Wall. Fairburne will also stumble upon a Nazi secret plan, Operation Kraken. In this stealth shooter, you can decide to do things by the book a. You can also decide to forget about secrecy and recreate brutal scenes from Rambo. You’re free to choose any approach. Pick the weapons that suit you best and fight for freedom!

Enormous areas were created to fit mind-blowing players on the same map! The gameplay is relatively slow, and battles are fought over long distances. As you often shoot at a pixel around half a kilometer from you, one should consider getting yourself something with a reliable scope. Setting aside, you still need to use your rifle frequently, as in the main series in the franchise. These were the best sniper games on PC that grant you a satisfying shooting experience.

Do you know any other PC games with such a mechanic? Or maybe you remember a particular mission in any of these that made you feel like a true professional assassin? Either way, the comment section is waiting for you right below! Here are our picks for the best Steam Deck verified games to buy during the ongoing sale on Valve’s platform. Google Stadia is closing soon, but players can enjoy their Ubisoft titles on PC at no extra cost.

Keyshops: Enabled Enable Disable More info. Light Dark. Keyshops: Enabled Keyshops are usually cheaper than official stores and will help you save money. Read more Enable Keyshops. Games News. These sniper PC games will surely make your heart race during the missions.

Best deals for: Arma 3. Shop now. Go to Shop Shop Now. Arma 3. See all deals. Best deals for: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Best deals for: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Historical low. Valve Complete Pack.

Includes 23 items. Best deals for: Escape From Tarkov. This game is perfect if you only want to snipe and do nothing else. Arma 3 is a futuristic first-person shooter battle simulator in which you play as an American soldier fighting against the Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty.

The single-player sniper missions range from stealthily infiltrating areas to traveling around the map, taking out other snipers hiding in bushes and buildings. One of the cool things about this game is that you can download player-created missions to try out. Arma 3 has dated graphics, but the sniping elements are enjoyable. If you are not interested in tactical sniping, you can check out Borderlands 3. You can use stealth if you like or combine your sniper rifle with your other guns for a full-on assault, the choice is yours.

The game takes all the realism out of sniping and makes it about causing maximum carnage with interesting weapons. You get guns like the Skullsmasher that fires five bullets at a time or the Unseen Threat that fires homing bullets. The sheer number of sniper rifles in the game is mindblowing, but there are just as many bad ones as they are good ones. CS:GO is a competitive shooter with lots of guns, but many rounds are won or lost thanks to sniper rifles. The downside is that it has a slow reload speed and firing rate and it costs a fortune.

Some are more effective than others and they all have different uses. Apex Legends is a battle royale game where the last team to survive wins the game. Each team of three consists of characters with different abilities, and you spend the game battling opposition teams and gathering loot. There’s a whole range of guns to choose from but sniper rifles play a big part. After you pick up a sniper rifle you can find mods like different scopes, extended magazines, stocks, and barrel stabilizers.

The Charge Rifle shoots an energy beam, while the Triple Take shoots three bullets in a horizontal spread. Apex Legends is fast-paced and your sniping skills have to be on point if you want to hit the target.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts has a more linear approach to its predecessor but is more focused. There are five different maps, all with stunning scenery and places to hide as you make your way to the targets.

There are all the usual stealth elements from other sniper games, but you get other devices like drones, turrets, and mines to make things interesting. The sniping aspects are very realistic with elevation, windspeed, and distance all playing a part. Luckily your advanced HUD displays all the useful information to aid you.

Sniper Ghost Contracts takes the series further and is one of the best sniper games on PC. Insurgency: Sandstorm takes the multiplayer military simulator and makes it more realistic.


Download Sniper Games For Windows 10 – Best Software & Apps

Are you ready for an action-packed multiplayer shooter FPS game? Sniper 3D is an online PvP gun shooting game. Join millions of users and start fighting in. Grab your sniper rifle, your remote controlled drone, and your sturdy sniper’s tent to get ready for the the best sniper games on PC. Sniper games are all about perching on top of a building and punching holes through bad guys from a mile away with the help of a.


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