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Custom backgrounds provide a great way to minimize those distractions and bring in new ways to meet face to face. We encourage you to submit your own creations to have them featured in our collections from the community! This form is used to report a technical issue you are experiencing with this website. By submitting this form with your email address, you agree to have us follow-up with you regarding this reported issue. Custom Backgrounds Gallery for Microsoft Teams Custom backgrounds in Microsoft Teams helps show off your own personal style and make meetings more fun and inclusive!

Submit a background. Back to all backgrounds Submit a background Community submitted backgrounds Miscellaneous backgrounds. Download background. Back to all backgrounds Allyship for Ukraine. Nice as it is to be able to use your own photo in meetings, organizations have long asked to be able to distribute a set of curated backgrounds to users. You know, pictures like carefully framed photos of the corporate HQ with the logo prominent in the foreground. This is what MC is all about. Organizations can upload up to 50 images through the meeting policies section of the Teams admin center.

Pretty well every device capable of capturing a digital photo today creates images with more pixels, so I use the Windows Paint utility to resize to x pixels. When your images are ready, select Customize meeting images Figure 1 to upload your images.

The interface to upload photos is simple Figure 2. Note the advice that only users with the Teams Advanced Communications license will see the images.

This will be true when the preview moves into general availability, but for now, anyone with AllFilters or BlurAndDefaultBackgrounds in the VideoFiltersMode setting of the Teams meeting policy assigned to their account can see the corporate images. Figure 3 shows the standard Teams meeting setup screen with the set of available background images shown.

In order, these are:. Organization images are also available for the Teams mobile clients. After the standard Blur image, the next five images are published by the organization with the following set being the standard curated images from Microsoft.

Microsoft introduced the Advanced Communications license in July , but many of the features covered then are now available in mainline Teams, like large meetings with overflow capabilities. Some controversy erupted when Microsoft said that the license was needed to integrate Teams with ISV-provided compliance recording or contact center solutions. In any case, Microsoft withdrew the license to reconsider and plans to launch it again in July at the start of their new fiscal year.

So far, apart from saying that the Teams Advanced Communications license is needed for organizational background images and custom group policy assignments , Microsoft has not shared any further details about features or pricing of the new license. Update: Microsoft is relaunching the Teams advanced communi cations license. Its features are currently available to all to test in preview and will require a license from January 1, Our monthly updates make sure that our subscribers stay informed.

Do you know how to delete the background images with PowerShell? Hi Tony, do you know if images deployed like this will be accessible from all devices or just Windows? Thanks, Ryan. Org photos are available on the iOS client. I see my org images on my iOS client, so that must mean they work! And I even went and tested and included some text and a screen shot in the image to show how it works for iOS.

Strange how only the first two corporate images in your screenshot have a x to remove. I have my new image loaded, and everyone can see it — but do you know if their is a way to FORCE all users to use this automatically and disable their ability to change it like in Zoom?



Microsoft teams backgrounds uploads

To save yourself time when uploading more images, you can pin the Uploads folder to Quick Продолжить чтение. Hiya, This may work now, as Microsoft have made microsoft teams backgrounds uploads update recently to make this work with more PCs i. Bo 29 Apr Reply. You should see all of your custom background images available to select in the ‘Background Settings’ screen. I rebooted my PC and was never microsoft teams backgrounds uploads to see the uploads folder again or anything but the canned backgrounds?. Or a starfleet uniform of course. This is the minimal viable product, uploars it works well.


Microsoft teams backgrounds uploads

Evelyn 29 Apr Most computers from onward are guaranteed to be capable. M R Bassiouny 10 Jul Reply. Hi Steve, Hope you are well.