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Parent page: PCB Objects. It provides a detailed summary of the board layer stackups and alttium the layer groups are assigned. A Layer Stack Table is tabular graphic object that documents the layers, materials, thicknesses, and dielectric constants implemented in the current PCB design, as defined in the Layer Stack Manager dialog.

It is placed and positioned alongside the board design in the workspace and also includes a graphical key and option map which shows the layer stack used in each region of the board. The Layer Stack Table is an intelligent design object, meaning it can be placed and updated as the design progresses.

Open the Layer Stack Table dialog see altium designer 17 layer stack manager free and click OK to update the table when the layer configuration has changed. It is available deslgner the main menu by accessing Place » Layer Stack Table. The table reflects the layer configurations defined through the Layer Stack Manager dialog, and is an important documentation asset for designs with a complex layer stack structure, such as lyer rigid-flex design. A Детальнее на этой странице Stack Ffree properties can be accessed and edited from the Layer Stack Table dialog, which is opened by double-clicking on the table or /15239.txt right-clicking and selecting Properties from the context menu.

Note that the dialog can also be opened by pressing Tab while placing a table. Double-clicking on a table opens the Layer Stack Table dialog where the table and board map properties основываясь на этих данных be configured. The table size is automatically scaled to fit the included text, so reducing the font size Text Height will shrink the table to match. Note that you will need to reduce its line weight Text Width in proportion.

Click OK to accept the new settings and close the dialog. For more information on the dialog settings see the Layer Stack Table dialog page. The PCB Inspector panel enables the designer to interrogate and edit the properties of one or more stck objects in the active document. Used in conjunction with appropriate filtering, the panel can be used to make changes to multiple objects of the same kind, from one convenient location.

The Altium designer 17 layer stack manager free List panel allows the designer ссылка на страницу display design objects from one or more documents in tabular format, enabling quick inspection and modification of object attributes.

When used in conjunction with the Filter panel, it enables the display of just those objects falling under the scope of the active filter — allowing the designer to target and edit multiple design objects with greater accuracy and efficiency. To move a Layer Stack Table, simply click, hold and drag the table to the required location.

Select and drag to reposition a Layer Stack Table. If attempting to graphically modify an object that has its Locked property enabled, a dialog will appear asking for confirmation to proceed with the edit. If the Protect Locked Objects option is enabled on the PCB Editor — General page of the Preferences dialog, and the Locked option for that design object is enabled as well, then that object altium designer 17 layer stack manager free be selected or graphically edited. Double click on the locked object directly and disable the Locked property or disable the Protect Locked Objects option, to graphically edit the object.

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Altium Designer 18 入门教程简化版原理图和PCB–适合新手_Symmetry的博客-CSDN博客_新手非常简单pcb原理图.Managed Layer Stacks in an Altium Vault_AD | Altium Designer User Manual | Documentation

This page takes a look at defining the stackup for your board using the Layer Stack Manager. It covers topics including layer properties and. Altium Designer, in conjunction with Altium Vault ( or later), caters for the ability to create and manage Layerstack Items in an Altium Vault.