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To open adobe illustrator cs6 you need to install the legacy java se 6 runtime free download. Need of ‘ LEGACY JAVA SE 6 RUNTIME.

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Thank you so much. I kept receiving an error of But in java from Жмите, download page, no clear list or guide for normal users to understand, what to download exactly according to the needs of the user. I need to update java NOW. If this problem still adobbe, please contact Adobe technical support for help, and mention the error code shown at the bottom of this screen.

Solved: Jave SE 6 runtime – Adobe Support Community –

I used my Terminal like a shot of boredom, I threw the plug and rebooted to see if I could download the java 6. It does not work on the new macbook pro I get this error after the installation of the new OS sierra. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your lgeacy address will not be published. If successful, a prompt to continue execution of the recovery using the Recovery Disk Manager.


To open adobe illustrator cs6 you need to install the legacy java se 6 runtime free download


Many people have found the page to be helpful. What is your question at this point? There are also updates directly available from the Java site. In summary, people need to try all three of these. So actually I have not installed the Java 6 SE update because I cannot tell whether I will experience other much newer Java code that will fail to execute because it requires code releases after Java 6.

And that is the real problem with all of the info at the apple site. Yes, I definitely understand your frustration. As you pointed out, the Apple Discussion forum is a mix of repeated posts, and various threads.

I first wrote about this issue in October One would think there might be a simple update Apple could offer that would fix the problem. To answer your question about installing an older version of Java… For a long time it was common on Windows computers to have older versions of Java installed along side newer versions. If a program required the older version, it would run on that, if it required the newer version it would run on that. I never had a problem with my computer after installing multiple times.

Get off your f—ing high horse. However, the post at the top of this page states that the Java update is only for OS X I have been working on Blurb booksmart and updated my system to Sierra on Mac.

Now I am unable to access it without downloading Java SE 6 runtime. Is that correct? Am I going to have to install anything in addition?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thanks, Mauro Vime. Beta macOS. Asked by maurovc. Copy to clipboard Share this post. Copied to Clipboard. Add a Comment. Accepted Answer. Download the latest Java from Oracle and then Posted by KaneHau.

Post marked as solved. Me too, other Java apps also broken and when trying to reinstall Java 6 I get the following error: “Java for OS X can’t be installed on this disk. Posted by duncang. Same here! Posted by darrellbooker.

Installing SE 6 fails due to “newer version already installed” Trying to uninstall Java fails to uninstall it fully. Installing SE 8 latest from Oracle does not fix the problem. Also tried a full uninstall of Photoshop and reinstall, no better. Posted by GusPineda. Posted by dharlow. Confirmed here, any workaround to fix this highly appreciated. Posted by mafoe. Posted by djsharpe. Posted by dseitz. Posted by suelicious. Posted by felixs. Posted by W4rl0ck. Thank you Felixs! This worked perfectly.

Also gets Dreamweaver etc working too. Posted by MattToner. Dumb question but how are you getting to terminal?

Posted by jmichaels. Hold down cmd-R while the machine is booting to enter Recovery Mode.