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Dumb game! I thought this game had more than one level. This is a dumb game! The game never should have been created. I sent the developers a scathing message letting them know of my dissatisfaction. They deserve the message. The download heroes of 71 for pc is boring and all there is to do is remain in one place and shoot people. The developers of this game aren’t respecting the history by having the enemies scurrying around like rats and make the heroes sitting ducks!

There should be more than one level! I’m uninstalling this dumb game! Using a download heroes of 71 for pc software download heroes of 71 for pc Bluestacks, you don’t need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if download heroes of 71 for pc isn’t free. Loved Download heroes of 71 for pc Please update the game.

Add more gun’s and more fighter. It seems very difficult to defeat the pak army. It has been give a revulationary Effect on Bangladesh’s Software Companies Go ahead, All the blessings for u guys, Joy Bangla.

This is a tribute to the heroes who fought for our flag,land and our mother language My salute to those who made this game and also to the heroes of Bangladesh Nice story I m expecting this kind of game from many years. Someone will download heroes of 71 for pc and make a gorgious download google chrome setup file for pc in my land.

I was crying first time after playing a video game and why not I will love to cry everyday for this kind of game and moments. Again thank u very very much and may Смотрите подробнее bless u all. Very good Thanks again, I was just the same as for my first visit our home phone is the first one.

To see if we have been in business, we are looking at how the heck of this page and then I can get it to. Nothing Amazing Same as step by step. I am very happy to play such a game on our liberation war. I want to recommend that you should improve this game by including more episode on liberation war.

Love from Bengal, India The 5 stars r not for the game but for the effort Retaliation is looking much better and will be even more so with more levels added to the existing Religion may divide us but we share the same heart The effort they have put helping the new generation to know their history and origin being in their own zone gaming is much appreciable.

It takes a lot of courage to нажмите чтобы узнать больше such a game when we have no gaming industry. The game is good but boring I just don’t get it You only have to wait for your player to regain health.

There’s should be an in app purchase for health, armour and other supplies. And lastly the game is hard cos you could get easily killed by over whelming soldier with grenades and mortars. Nice to play It’s based on our liberation warwe were not that time but by the playing of this game we can feel the pain of martyrs. Awesome By these game you have proved how harsh were Pakistani people to.

Bangladeshi the game has low graphics but you have done a excellent job. The Pakistanis treated us like dogs. Nice app but in 3rd man when fight then i can’t use bomb for finish pk army. I collect bomb in every time but it not work and so for i can’t finish the level.

How it will work? Excellent I think we need more updates as soon as possible because it’s very awesome games everyone missing this game I think you should update multiple player during these games too much exciting. And also add some good mission I think a lot of people waiting for this I’m also waiting as soon as possible please update it, I love very much this game.

It awesome game, ever I play It makes in our liberation war, in Our liberation war is our proud moment. We can not forgent It, thanks those guys, who make this, my respectfull Saliout. I love it.

I really like it and feel proud. I’m a Bangladeshi As a feeling wise its great. This game gives an download heroes of 71 for pc patriotic feeling but as the gaming wise its not that much good it has only one stage. It can be more intersting if there are more stages. Love from India. Paki ra 30 lakh Bengali der mere 6hilo.

По этой ссылке west Bengal 1crore soronarthi 6ilo. Ar India war kore6ilo ei Paki der sathe. Joy Bangladesh. I am an culcattan indian. I got silver rank in the very second game of the download. Proud for Bangladeshi people for having independence over East Pakistan or Pakistanis. The story is also true and inspiring. The graphics are really very good. We are proud to be Bangladeshi This game is a virtual prove of what Pakistani dogs behavior in After 9 months we gain victory by the lose of 30 lack people of Bangladesh.

Thnx for created this game. Nice game The war of Bangladeshi Independence was a joint assault of Indian army and Bangladesh mukt vahini. Please also include Indian army assault. Love to Bangladesh from India. I couldnt play this game This game took me to option and classic Great for every Bangladeshi. It would get 5star. I am a Bangladeshi I love and proud of my country. This game’s story is the strength of our national history. I like this game. I like hard tasks.

The question is : How many task we have to complete for win??????? No levels It could have been better with more levels to play. You have to defend your camp without any victory over the enemies. Of course a really good game I may say that download heroes of 71 for pc probably one of them which i enjoyed playing Joy Bangla!

Its great Now all children and people would be able to know our history behind independent. And the game is awesome. I just loved it. Great story but boring game I love the concept of this game because it is about my country.

Nice Osthir Gerapics Aro Naoutun gams unlok krmu ajske its pretty awesome with great graphics and it inspires me actually its inspiring. Salute to people and Mukti vahini and Indian support is also unforgettable. Feeling proud Playing this game the history of our liberation war comes before our eyes for this I am feeling proud.

Best story We love our motherland I am proud to be a Bengal we selute the hero’s of This game’s story about the liberation war in Bangladesh. I am extremely proud of my country and grateful towards them who created this wonderful game!!!! Great This game is a great shooting game. I loved it. The story is nice. Very addictive game.

It’s not as good as other games but it’s based on our countrys history. NO level I recommends that the game need level


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Bridge Level : Can this level be really cleared I killed enemies, while fighting with one character another character dies in background and level is lost This is too much, please have some mercy on us Make the level bit easier or include game save points to avoid complete start over of level Rest I enjoy the game And this what teachers us how the people of our country fought with enemies. And a big thank you to those who maid this game.

One of the best I didn’t give this game a 5star rating because I want to. Instead I did it bcuz I have to. The storyline tho simple is emotional and understandable and the gameplay is easy and very difficult at the same time which I like. By the way, look out for Anila Not that good, not that bad Good graphics and nice idea but, physics and AI bots are too much dume and your allies are more dume.

Plz fix the aim sensitivity. Keep it up. Best ever game I like the way the bullets animate when you shoot the head of the enemies. But you have to hurry up and bring the rest of the levels that are still under development and I will give u all the 5 stars , OK. Good but.. The game is awesome. But we never consider any bangali brother as our enemy. Sorry for these comments but the creator of this game understand what I mean.

Be peaceful and forgive us. Great game but When I started playing, it seem to awesome, I finished the levels but at the last level of Bridge Totally stolen. The fact that the developers think that no one will notice them stealing the game physics from Glu Frontline Commando series proves how much of a dumbass they think the consumers are, and apparently the developers are kinda right, people commenting “good graphics” surely dont know what graphics is or how to determine it is good or not.

This game was targeted towards the people with little or no knowledge of gaming. Nothing original just another shameless knockoff to impress the uneducated audience. Good game Hide and shoot so good, Game too short, too many bugs to be fixed but i sure like the game. Another error is my backup partner dies in mission 4, Torture Camp episode and the mission ends there.

The Bridge episode does not unlock. You guys better come up with an update or am deleting the game. But i sure like the game. Outstanding Excellent.. The best game ever i played.. The game describes the emotions, reality, difficulties and sacrifices of the heroes of the dark age Please repair the problem In 1 sate 4 level the man is not running he sit down and dies so please fix that error Good but too hard Bridge 3 stage is totally impossible mission to complete.

Also needs some graphical improvements. Honourable for Bangladesh But i think it’s totally ridiculous.

Need to fixed some point. Very Good but The level 3 is very very hard. The game is very much inspiring, but a negative thing is that the story is very short. So, I think, the game should have had missions. This game seems to be has a potential New game mode: Classic and Endurance. All characters are unlocked in endurance mode. Bug fixes, many improvements to game performance Facebook sharing. Mukti Camp.

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Download heroes of 71 for pc


Heroes Http://replace.me/12114.txt 71 Mindfisher Games Inc. Heroes of 71 : Shamsu Bahini Download heroes of 71 for pc your motherland, fight till your last breathe.

Withstand all the attacks of the enemy and be a hero. Take advantage of больше информации positioning of heroes, covering fire and take cover. Developers can show information here about how their app collects and uses your data.

Learn more about data safety No information available. It’s a good game but need a bit of improvement. The graphics are okay!! But the character should be able to change sport at will nd coins should be added читать upgrade weapons as well as levels to improve the game. But downloac it’s still a great Game. When Lf play the game, I feel amazing. I become very much delighted to play as freedom fighters, though there is much difference between our real fighters and those of a game.

There is nothing like our those heroic sons. The game is very much inspiring, but a negative thing is that the story is very short.

So, I think, the game should have had missions. This game seems http://replace.me/9818.txt be has a potential New downloda mode: Classic and Endurance. All characters are unlocked in endurance download heroes of 71 for pc. Bug fixes, many improvements to game performance Facebook sharing.

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