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Japanese comics popularly known as Manga are very famous all around the world. Fairy Tail is a well-known Manga series that has been adopted as a video game. Fairy Tail is illustrated and written by Hiro Mashima. This is a popular Japanese Manga series published in 63 volumes. The story is about the adventures of Natsu Dragneel who is a popular Wizard member who searches for a fictional land on earth for the Dragon named Igneel.

Fairy Tail is a popular series that has been adopted animation series and video games. Funimation publications licensed this series North American region. The Fairy Tail series had more than 72 million copies sold at the time of release.

The features gameplay and storyline very interesting and Japanese Manga are usually known for its engaging storyline. Fairy Tail game is a very popular animation series that includes Tartaros, Avatar arcs, magic games, and Tenrou Island.

This is a popular Manga series that originates from Japan. The game was released on 30th July as a single-player mode. The key aspect of the gameplay is that the player needs to fight and sustain throughout the battle to conquer the kingdom of Fiore. The player can have access to the storeroom that has a guild facility to get the required consumables.

The game has in itself lacrima items, DLC playable characters nonplayable characters, and playable characters. The storyline of the game is very interesting to give the players engaged during the gameplay. Fairy Tail game belongs to the action genre. The main purpose of the game is to bring the Glory guild. At the start of the game, the player will have to take control of the fairy tale members of the guild which comprises of friendship complete request, and advancement in the facilities of the guild to maximize the rank of the guild.

The main goal of the Guild and the key gameplay is to prevail, fight and sustain to become the best guild in the Fiore Kingdom. The gameplay has battles that include defense, magic, and attacks.

This version of the game is not like the previous version and it has included several aspects to the game such as fire, ice, holy, non-elemental features, and the light and dark modes. The gameplay also includes various other support functions in addition to that of the Battles such as rescue activities. When the player gets caught in trouble the rescue option automatically gets activated and helps the player to overcome the troublesome situation.

The game offers its players wonderful Graphics and animation features. In addition to that, several notable features might interest the gamers in playing this game.

The story is a bit fragmented , possibly confusing those who haven’t followed the anime. It consists of nine chapters in total, with an overarching plot of helping the guild restore itself to prominence. In more immediate gameplay, you’ll complete quests and explore new environments that feature a lot of diversity. The characters and their interactions are in the limelight, displaying solid writing and a well-developed story. You can choose among 16 mages from different guilds as playable characters.

They’re all customizable , especially if you purchase the deluxe version which features unique costumes from the final season. The combat hosts a simple turn-based mechanic , but it manages to stay engaging throughout.

You and your party of up to five people face enemies on a 3×3 grid , using spells and basic attacks to beat them. As regards graphics and performance, the game loads quickly and smoothly with a consistent framerate.

However, the graphics aren’t that impressive , with repetitive cityscapes and patchy NPC designs. Any series-based RPG will differ from others. High performance with few drawbacks. Huge maps and interesting features! Capture images and videos for free with Debut Video Capture Software.



Download do jogo fairy tail para pc


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Download do jogo fairy tail para pc

FAIRY TAIL Digital Deluxe Edition Free Download (v). A game based on the popular “FAIRY TAIL” is available on Steam for the first time! FAIRY TAIL combines magic, guild and role-playing elements. The plot was developed based on the comic book about Natsu. At one time, Natsu killed dragons.