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A possibly-related question – what is the Slide On function even for? The in-game graphics are very similar in style to those of the first, but you now have a choice of graphics modes that range from x up to x for which you need a TurboNutterNinjaBastard pc , all of which are supposed to run much more efficiently due to the implementation of a vastly enhanced 3D engine. Enter up to characters to add a description to your widget:. Besht game ever, really is.


Download descent 2 pc


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On AbandonwareGames. We respect the applicable copyright. Invading inward, you head towards the core in an attempt to annihilate the planet itself. Now reduce the size of your screen. Use it twice and it displays “Bye John”. Home Games Descent II. Facebook Twitter. The rumours originally began to circulate soon after the first game was released, but Parallax the developers have been beavering away in relative silence until now. After seeing a few screenshots just a couple of months ago we are now in a position where the whole thing is virtually finished and it’s on its way at last.

Put simply, the idea behind Descent 2 is to do basically the same thing all over again, only this time to make it better. The marketing campaign for the game appears to be centred around the fact that Descent 2 is and I quote : “Deeper, Smarter, Faster!

Fair enough. If you’re going to do a sequel, that’s pretty much as good an excuse as you could want. So similar is the idea that the team haven’t really bothered to dream up a new storyline either. When you start the game you are greeted with a message that effectively says, “Okay, now you’ve got to do what you did last time all over again, only this time we’ve spruced your ship up a bit and given you some new guns.

It worked with Doom, didn’t it? What has been significantly tweaked though is the overall presentation of the thing. The in-game graphics are very similar in style to those of the first, but you now have a choice of graphics modes that range from x up to x for which you need a TurboNutterNinjaBastard pc , all of which are supposed to run much more efficiently due to the implementation of a vastly enhanced 3D engine.

Though superficially the game looks extremely similar to Descent as you’d expect it does run markedly faster on lower spec machines. On top of this, Descent 2 now features reams and reams of cut-scenes that all look really fab and groovesome. Obviously these don’t do anything for the gameplay, but they do fill the cd up rather nicely. Speaking of filling up the cd nicely, the soundtrack has been given a serious kick in the goolies as well. Gone are the drab, dreary, boring SoundBlaster tunes, and in their place there’s now proper music which is spooled in from the cd.

But not only is it ‘proper’, it’s been produced by a couple of metal bands that, ooh, maybe two or three of you might have heard of. First up we have Skinny Puppy Never heard of ’em? And then there’s Type 0 Negative, who are infamous for both their rather raucous music and their frontman, Pete Steele, who recently appeared in an issue of PlayGirl only to complain that he wasn’t allowed to be photographed with an erection.

Quite what relevance this last bit has to you I don’t know, but hey A man who wants his knob photographed. Bet you can’t wait now, can you? Obviously the gameplay isn’t exactly the same this time around, and while it all looks very similar, much of the content has been tweaked, fondled and altered.

Virtually all of the old robots have been given the heave-ho, and in their place there are now 18 brand spanking new alien marauders.

One of the few real complaints that people had of the first game was that the enemies were a bit, well, thick – you could go into a room, let rip with virtually any weapon, bugger off, and hardly any of the bad guys would bother to come and look for you. But this time everything’s different. Parallax and Interplay have assured us that all of the bad guys have an enhanced artificial intelligence system implemented that means they react far more realistically and don’t just float around bumping into things.

They’re also allegedly much faster than their predecessors, and from what we’ve seen from the early playable versions of the game, they’re also much tougher to kill. But it’s not just the enemy robots that have been enhanced. Descent 2 features 13 completely new weapons for you to pick up, ranging from the incredible Super Vulcan Canon which is far more destructive than it was before to huge lasers, plasma guns and rockets.

Gone are the relatively mundane weapons of yore To make sure that you get the most out of all the new features, everything is now much bigger than before. The levels which are still mostly in mine shafts, by the way are huge sprawling labyrinths that are divided up into 30 different maps that are spread across five different planets. Upon destroying the reactor at the end of each planet you are then warped to the next planet, having been treated to one of the aforementioned rendered cut-scene bits.

The final enhancement is something that so far we’ve only heard about, and unfortunately we won’t be able to look at in any depth until we review the game next month. The developers assure us that the multi-player aspect of Descent 2 is seriously improved. Now, bearing in mind that this is already one of the best multi-player systems around, it really does make us wonder what they’ve dreamed up this time.

One thing that we do know for sure though is that Descent 2 is one of the products most likely to be up and running when BT launches the Wireplay system later this year. No doubt our On-Line pages will soon be filled with snippets of info on Descent as well as our usual deluge of Doomisms.

Descent for the PC was one of Interplay’s more popular titles. For those of you unfamiliar with the original, Descent is a true 3-D, multiplayer shooter that mixes cool sound, fast-paced action and tasty graphics, resulting in a rollercoaster ride of a game.

The best thing about Descent is that you have total control over your highly maneuverable spacecraft. The story goes something like this:You are a pilot in your little craft of destruction. You are flying into the bowels of the Earth to kill bad guys. The problem is, you’ll have to do all of this without James Mason to help guide you. But then again, you’ve got a whole bunch of high-tech navigation equipment, from ultra-sonic wave emitters to infrared beams.

All James had was a compass and a duck. Descent 2 will feature the same quality gameplay and visual style of its predecessor. The colors are vibrant and the lively elements add a whole new level to the gaming experience, from the flowing lava to running water. What has been added to part two are 30 deeper, more mind-blowing levels of excitement.

On top of the new levels, there are 30 new monsters, each smarter, faster and more deadly than the first title’s enemies. But don’t worry, Descent 2 comes equipped with 13 new weapons of massive, destructive power, to handle these superior baddies. While the release of Descent 2 will only be for the PC at first, the Saturn and PlayStation versions will follow shortly thereafter. To tide you over till then, Interplay has been kind enough to schedule the release of the original, which is currently available on Mac, on both of these platforms.

Windows 95 means the game runs quickly and smoothly on PC with the minimum of installation, but PlayStation owners will have an even easier time with the game. The fact that home consoles can now outperform even high-end PCs means that porting this kind of game is not only easy, but almost a necessity. So, strap on your special space shoes and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.


Download descent 2 pc

Descent 2 Free Download (v) PC game with a direct GOG installer. One click install and play! You’re about to plunge over the edge, and into the depths of Descent II™.