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The other one has a triangle shape on it and only takes one input. This is the NOT gate. We’ll discuss the NOT gate first because it’s the easiest to understand. It can output one of two signals: 0, or In other words, the output is in binary: it’s either all the way on, or all the way off! But how does it know what to output?

It checks the input. If the input is zero, it outputs If it’s nonzero, it outputs zero. Strange, right? Not really. The NOT gate is actually pretty logical. It produces output when there’s no input, and produces no output when there is input. Therefore, if a Norn Detector outputs a signal when there’s a Norn nearby, if you route the output to a NOT gate, the gate will produce a signal when there are aren’t any Norns nearby This way you can have something happen as long as there aren’t any Norns around In OR mode, a signal will be output if either input is nonzero.

In AND mode, both inputs must be nonzero. Neither of these gates produces output when the inputs are both zero. If you just don’t get it, look at the following tables. It will show what outputs you get with certain inputs. F false is zero and T true is anything other than zero when it’s an input, or when it’s an output. This machine is not perfect. However, locate the weapon well in the upper-right of the Norn Terrarium is good, next to the exit to the Jungle , it will still be very effective!

The gun will fire at full power whenever a Grendel is nearby The machine can be improved further still. For instance, though this weapon will rarely if ever harm a Norn, it can still hit Ettins. This may not worry you. If it does, I’ll leave how to rectify this as an exercise for you here’s a hint: the only additional equipment you need is an Ettin detector and an OR gate. Of course, you should be careful not to put all your eggs, or your gadgets, into one basket. Of course, you’ll want to dismantle any Grendel-killing machines if you decide to start training Grendels.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to do something, try to put it like a logic statement. For instance, the logic statement for the machine we’ve described would be like this:. Just one more thing: when you construct a machine like this, you can right-click it with the Agent Help and create a blueprint. This blueprint can then be put into the Replicator to make the required parts. You may want to export the blueprint by left-clicking it, typing in a name, and pressing Enter it should say “Blueprint Exported”.

This will allow you to use the Creator to re-create the blueprint if you need to There’s a key that allows you to manipulate Ettins and Grendels the way you do Norns.

Or, if you are playing with Docking Station, you can do this from the beginning! Should you train the Ettins? By all means! Just don’t let them mess with your machinery.

But what about the Grendels? If you’re not, you can go ahead and abuse your new power to throw them in the airlock, or inject the ATP decoupler into them, or feed them to the Piranhas.

Alternately, you can train the Grendels, but keep them isolated in the Jungle Terrarium. To teach them language, use the Stones scattered throughout the world. You have to check up on them often, though to make sure they never wander outside the Jungle, and never let your Norns go in the Jungle once you start training Grendels!

You may want to get a third-party agent that helps restrain Grendels. We’re just making you aware of the risk involved. We’d be happy to hear from anybody who has had success with training Grendels this way! There are four kinds of disease : environmental, bacterial, poison, and genetic. For information on bacterial infection and poison, read the next section on the bloodstream.

There are few genetic-related diseases. Most serious diseases result in death at or shortly after birth. If a hatched creature dies at or just after birth, this is what happened. Not much can be done about it. It’s just evolution at work Environmental disease refers to any problem caused by the environment. For instance, if a creature is drowning, it will be deprived of oxygen , which will ultimately cause the creature to run out of energy and die if nothing is done about it.

Most environmental diseases, aside from simple aging, can be avoided with common sense, like not allowing a Norn to go into the water if it’s tired Your creature has many essential chemicals in its bloodstream , but the most important one is ATP.

It is ATP that gives your creature the ability to sustain life. The most lethal toxins can attack ATP or production thereof directly. If your Norn dies after eating something, this might well be why. Creatures also get sick from bacteria that’s floating around. While in real life, some bacteria is good, in Creatures, “bacteria” refers only to the malicious bacteria which will do bad things to your creatures. Most of the bacteria are in the Jungle, so never let your Norns wander around there, and when they do anyway, give them a checkup.

If you must send the Norn in to retrieve a power-up, give the Norn a checkup before sending it in, because any diseases are likely to get worse in the Jungle. Also, Grendels are major carriers of bacteria, which is another reason to avoid them. When your creatures become infected, the medical scanner will show the presence of harmful antigens. They produce nasty chemicals like histamines which cause coughing and sneezing , and the dangerous antigen 5 causes direct injury to your creature.

Also, antigens attack organs directly. If the antigens are not removed in time, the organ will probably be damaged or even killed. The best way to fight antigens are antibodies. A creature’s immune system should produce these automatically, but if you inject the right antibody it has the same number as the antigen , you can help make the disease go away more quickly, which can be critical. A full list of chemicals can be found at the C3 Chemical List.

Different kinds of food contain different kinds of chemicals. However, the kinds of chemicals in various kinds of foods are generally consistent. For instance, if an object is called food , it probably has high protein and fat. If it’s called Fruit , it probably has high protein and some starch. If it’s called seed , it probably has high starch, and if it’s called weed , it is probably best avoided.

Within a single category, creatures do not distinguish different varieties. That is, if a creature decides that cheese is good, it will also jump to the conclusion that carrots are good, too, because they’re both called “food”. It will however not form conclusions about apples , because they’re fruit and not food. This is why you can expect varieties within general categories to be fairly consistent.

Every creature has a genome. A genome is a genetic description of that creature, indicating the function of every gene.

Most genes define organs and chemical reactions involving organs. Here’s a little secret: almost every chemical reaction in the game occurs due to your creature’s organs! In other words, without genes and organs, nothing makes any chemical different from any other.

You could make creatures that breathe ATP decoupler if you want. The most basic form of genetic engineering is using the Gene Splicer on the Shee Ark. You can use it to combine the genomes of two creatures into a third genome, as though the two creatures mated. In fact, it’s preferable to have the two creatures actually mate if you can, because they will die if you put them in the Gene Splicer!

But the Gene Splicer also makes it possible to combine creatures that cannot mate—one might form a ” Grettin ” by splicing an Ettin and Grendel. The Genetics Kit also makes this possible, however, and it’s now freely available, so you no longer need to subject your creatures to the Gene Splicer. If you have an egg that won’t hatch, and you can’t put it into the incubator, you may have reached either the creature limit or the breeding limit in your world.

In Docking Station, you can increase these limits using the middle side panel. Raising the limit will allow the eggs to hatch, but of course the more creatures you have, the greater a tax the game is on your system resources.

Sometimes upon starting the game you may get an error message like “Failed to create server thread”, after which the game aborts. It may happen a couple of times in a row, and if it doesn’t stop, try rebooting. It should not be a permanent problem requiring reinstallation, however. If you see an agent suddenly disappear, it was probably autokilled. This means there was a problem with the machine. Either the agent is buggy shouldn’t happen with official agents , or in the case of the Egg Layer or the Creator , there’s a problem with the agents that can be created files may be missing, for instance.

If you don’t, it’s likely the Egg Layer or Creator machines won’t work. And of course, be sure to install the version 1. This procedure probably isn’t necessary for Docking Station, or if you are running an unpatched version of the game shame on you! Welcome to the Creatures Wiki! Log in and join the community. From Creatures Wiki.

The Shee Ark has a modular metaroom design. Category : Creatures 3. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. The Norns in Creatures display real feelings from hunger and pain to frustration and fear.

They’ll breed, evolve and wage a fierce struggle for survival right on your computer screen! All Reviews:. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Is this game relevant to you?

Sign In or Open in Steam. Profile Features Limited. Languages :. Publisher: Gameware Europe , Critter Consortium. Franchise: Creatures. Share Embed. Add to Cart. View Community Hub. Play in two giant worlds. Teach your Creatures to talk and they’ll interact with you and the other Creatures on Albia. Breed your favorites and pass on their genes and characteristics to the next generation. Discover the inhabitants of Albia, from butterflies to fish and from mischievous Ettins to nasty, disease-ridden Grendels!

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Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Is this DLC relevant to you? Sign In or Open in Steam. Profile Features Limited. Languages :. Publisher: Gameware Europe , Critter Consortium. Franchise: Creatures. Share Embed. Add to Cart. View Community Hub. About This Content Welcome to Creatures 3! Over a thousand years ago, the ancient civilisation of Shee left the world of Albia in a giant spaceship to find a new home.

When the Grendels attacked them during the flight, they escaped to their new planet’s surface, abandoning the Norns and their spaceship in orbit. But the Norns are not alone, and with your help they can thrive. You’ll find a host of advanced machines to help you – all of which can be plugged together to make huge automated devices.


Creatures 3 pc game


Overall: 8. Creatures 3 is a simulation game released in by Mindscape. The game was released for PC Windows. You are a Norn breeder. Norns are creatures that were created a thousand years ago by an advanced race called Shee.

The Norn live for about seven hours and have their own bloodstream, brains, and even a genetic structure called Creatures Digital DNA. With your help, Norn can grow. You can protect them, teach them, grow them and even build huge machines that will help you in your mission.

Important Information: Abandonwaregames. To the best of our knowledge, these games are no longer available on the market and are not supported by publishers. If you know otherwise, write to us. Developer Creature Labs Ltd. Publisher Mindscape. Year Tags abandonware , old , game , creatures , simulator , norn , shee , breed. Genre simulator. Platform PC. Comments There are no comments.

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