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With all of the above infrastructure in place, each of the GNU Autotools can be built natively and installed from source right out of the box. Support for Cygwin has been in Autoconf for several years, as far back as version 2. Building it has never been a problem as long as GNU M4 and a Bourne Shell are available, it is the macros themselves which offer this support.

Of course, any Autoconf macros you write yourself must be designed carefully to not make any assumptions about being executed on Unix if the Cygwin compatibility is to remain. A binary package of Autoconf for Cygwin version 1. Automake joined the fray much later than the Cygwin support code was added to Autoconf, and has consequently always supported Cygwin. Until the last release of Cygwin, the stumbling block has always been finding or building a Cygwin compatible Perl interpreter for Automake to use.

Thanks to the work of Eric Fifer, Perl 5. Ready built packages of Perl and Automake are available from the CygUtils website. In time, automation of these facilities will make their way into Libtool. The method that Libtool currently uses to build DLL s works with Cygwin releases at least as far back as b18, and at least as far forward as the version I am now using, Cygwin The same code will also build DLL s correctly with Mingw This is no mean feat, and in fact Libtool still has some way to go in order to be able to do this convincingly.

It turns out that Windows DLL s lack many, many features that packages developed on Unix are likely to take for granted. Emulation of these missing features are making their way into Libtool. Although support for DLL s is improving steadily with every release, there are some severe technical problems with the Windows library architecture that will prevent Libtool from ever being able to build DLL s completely transparently.

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